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What is the process of stained glass figurines production?
Is it technology or art?
Each glass figurine is handmade. The process of creating glass
figurines is very complex, laborious and to some extent dangerous. It is
based on author’s intuition, creativity and experience. The creator must
have the ability to feel the glass, to imagine three-dimensional originals
of his glass sculptures. Artists, working in glass manufacturing
industry are creative and talented people, and you can only envy to
their patience. It's very hard to sitting all day long, holding few pieces
of glass in the hands and watching on the burner flame. Then, the
pieces of colored glass are transformed into funny animals and people
of different sizes. Each image created by the author is individual and
The process of making a glass sculpture takes from 20 minutes to 18
hours depending on the figurine’s complexity and creator’s experience.
What can you do with glass souvenirs?
How and why can you present them?
Figurines made of glass can be a gift which reminiscences of a
pleasant events in your life. They can be an important item for the
collector or a hint. They may have some meaning, and even be a
symbol and a talisman. In any case, this souvenir would be a pleasure
and delight for your friends and relatives.
What do these miniature figurines symbolize?
Figurines made of stained glass are variety of characters of
people and animals. For example, the cat figurines symbolize a
comfort, affection, tenderness, mystery, intuition and love. Dog
figurines symbolize a devotion, loyalty, support and assistance. Frog
figurines symbolizes money and wealth. Signs of the Zodiac can be a
suitable birthday present. Our glass figurines is not just a gift - it is also
an original and unique wish. It's handmade and you can’t find two
identical ones.